graphic designer

I've been interested in design since junior high, when I was first introduced to Photoshop. I've been working with Adobe software ever since. Although I enjoy the whole spectrum of design, my favourite aspect has
to be branding. I like strategizing and creating strong, cohesive themes within my work.

In high school I also developed a keen interest in photography, which has continued on throughout my design career. My passion of music production also started developing around that time. After graduating from college, I took a few years to further that passion.

I went back to school and received a series of five certificates based around music production. After producing music with my close friend for some time,
we decided to create a music label together.

My branding identity comes from my middle name.
I was named after McKinley Morganfield, a musician
who reigned over the early 1950's Chicago blues scene.
He was most known by his stage name, Muddy Waters.

music producer